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Current/Ongoing Projects

Our most prominent form of performance art that we curate and create is documentary style plays. This involves a process of collecting interviews with members of the local community in regards to our selected topic, transcribing these interviews, and then producing creative pieces to express what the community shares. Because of the extended nature of this process, we often have multiple projects going on at one time. Furthermore, because we are exploring topics of social and environmental justice, the pieces are often revisited, as they are never truly "finished". 

See below the different pieces we are currently cultivating, revisiting, and exploring. There is also information included about how to get involved in a project.


Voices from the Opioid

In the past decade, Opioid-related overdose deaths in North Carolina have more than doubled. At 11.6%, Wilmington specifically has one of the highest abuse rates.


Our current developing project, Voices from the Opioid Epidemic highlights the stories of those in our community impacted by overdose and addiction, be it personally or with someone they love. 

We are presently still collecting interviews to develop this piece, which will be debuted in May of 2024. If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed, or you'd like to learn more, please contact our Google Voice number: (617) 528-9092

Pictured: MoB company reading our first few developed monologues at the 2023 Overdose Awareness Event by Hope Recovery Center. 

Quilt Stories

Quilt Stories has been an ongoing project for MoB as we have followed multiple story paths connecting to the AIDS Quilt memorial. The panels were/are created to memorialize those lost to AIDS, as well as the many unnamed individuals that were lost. The quilt panels also have served as a form of visual protest to advocate for healthcare and visibility for folx affected by AIDS. 

The MoB performers brought Quilt Stories to the DC Capital Fringe Festival in the summer of 2023, winning a title of "Best in Fringe". They have also performed excerpts of it at events such as the Red Ribbon Event on World AIDS Day in Wilmington, NC. 

Pictured: MoB company rehearsing Quilt Stories in preparation for their 2023 trip to the DC Fringe Festival.



Truly a community-based historical visibility piece, Wilmington Reconstructed has been highlighted by critics as one of the most important theatre pieces Wilmington, NC has seen. This production highlights the town's history around 1898, when there was a prominent black community, residing over the local government and newspaper. The only successful coup in American history occurred when white supremacists violently overthrew this community and changed the course of Wilmington's storyline to this day. 

A commentary on the erasure of black history and the importance of it to community resilience and growth, Wilmington Reconstructed remains a vital ongoing project for MoB Theatre. 

Pictured: MoB's local performance in early 2023

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