Past Productions

The Diary Play (2014) 

In the DIARY PLAY we hear four distinct teen voices dealing with issues of maturity, growth, and growing pains. We asked adults of various backgrounds to reflect on the diaries they wrote as teens. We hear the words and experiences of Elizabeth, who undergoes the trials and tribulations of first love; of Galina, a young woman from Turkmenistan recovering from an act of sexual violence who dreams of a better life in America; of Pam, who records details of school, family, farming, dating, and a Peter Frampton concert; and of Susanne, a young woman struggling to reconcile her identities as an actor and as a committed Christian.

At Risk (2015) 

Two narratives interwoven telling a story of young adults suffering from depression. One comes from a family with long and deep struggles with mental illness and is showing early signs of depression. Another is a young teen whose depression and suicidal thoughts are triggered by bullying and social exclusion. Both are adults now. They’re both writers. They’re both teachers. They both survived and they both have a story. At Risk is a verbatim theatre play on the topic of teen depression. Through it, we piece together the story of two teens who struggle but came out on the other side. Their stories are informed by interviews from a selection of local experts in the field of teen mental health. A psychologist, a professor, a school counselor, and a director of a local crisis center hotline are a few of the voices we’ll hear from.

Out, NC (2018)

Currently in process: Out, Carolina will take real voices from the LGBTQ community of North Carolina to explore the subject of "coming out" as LGBTQ in the South.

Hamlet (2018)

William Shakespeare's Hamlet follows the young prince Hamlet home to Denmark to attend his father's funeral. Hamlet is shocked to find his mother already remarried to his Uncle Claudius, the dead king's brother. And Hamlet is even more surprised when his father's ghost appears and declares that he was murdered.

Mouths of Babes Theatre Company presents a contemporary take on Hamlet set in a high-tech world of corporate intrigue.

10-Minute Plays for Teens (2018)

MoB Theatre and Ashley High School partner to create a 10 minute play festival for teens. These are new 10 minute plays with themes that resonate to teens.


Plays featured:
The Time is Out of Joint - Monica Cross 
Overpass - Zeb Mims
I Don't Know - Alex Denning 
Brains and Hearts - Matthew Carter 
Happily Ever After - Tanner Heath